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Researchers active in the Brussels Privacy Pub regularly publish books, articles, commentary, blog entries, and other analyses of developments related to data protection and privacy. These pieces are published by leading book publishers, journals, and web sites around the world. In this section we include some of these publications, with the full text provided when possible.


Thursday, 12 March 2015 • Queen Mary University of London

The Consequences of the Data Retention Judgment for Mass Surveillance

by Hielke Hijmans



Brussels Privacy Hub advisory board member and LSTS Visiting Researcher Hielke Hijmans gave a speech entitled "The Consequences of the Data Retention Judgment for Mass Surveillance" at a workshop at Queen Mary University of London on 12 March. An outline of his presentation is available here.



MARCH 2015 • 64 Emory Law Journal Online 2089 (2015)

Data nationalism and its discontents

by Christopher Kuner



Data localization or data nationalism has received growing attention. Numerous commentators have raised questions about efforts at the national or regional level to regulate the flow of data across borders or to create incentives to localize data processing and storage. This article both responds to the important new article "Data Nationalism" by Anupam Chander and Uyê P. Lê published in the Emory Law Journal (64 Emory Law Journal 677 (2015)), and comments on some important overarching issues that it raises concerning the phenomenon of data localization.

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Keywords: data protection, privacy, data localization, data nationalism, EU law, human rights law