The Brussels Privacy Hub (BPH) is an academic research institute that is European in location and global in scope. It concentrates exclusively on data protection and privacy, and is an entity of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB, Free University of Brussels), a leading Belgian university located in central Brussels. The Hub focuses on legal issues, but also incorporates expertise from disciplines such as computer science, economics, philosophy, and sociology, among others.


The Hub is governed by a board of directors comprised of Prof. Paul De Hert and Dr. Christopher Kuner. The work done by the BPH is also informed by input from its advisory board. The members of the advisory board are currently as follows:


  • Martin Abrams, Executive Director, Information Accountability Foundation
  • Prof. Colin J. Bennett, University of Victoria, Canada
  • Mr. Willem Debeuckelaere, President, Belgian Privacy Commission
  • Hielke Hijmans, Office of the European Data Protection Supervisor
  • Jens-Henrik Jeppesen, Director for European Affairs, Center for Democracy & Technology
  • Marisa Jimenez, Senior Counsel, Google
  • Raegan MacDonald, Senior EU Policy Manager, Mozilla 
  • Massimo Marelli, Head of Data Protection Office, Data Protection Officer, ICRC Geneva
  • Paul NemitzDirector for Fundamental rights and Union citizenship in the Directorate-General for Justice and Consumers of the European Commission. 
  • Corinna Schulze, Director, EU Government Relations, SAP
  • Prof. Paul Schwartz, University of California at Berkeley
  • JoAnn Stonier, Chief Information Governance & Privacy Officer, MasterCard Worldwide
  • Sophie In 't VeldMember of the European Parliament (ALDE/D66), Member of the Committee of Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs

Further individuals will be added to the advisory board in due course.


The Hub solicits financial support from foundations, corporations, private donors, international organizations, and government entities. These relationships are vital to the pursuit of our ambitious educational and public interest goals.

The Hub is committed to impartiality and independence in our research; intellectual riguour; and transparency. The following principles govern our association with funders, in order to preserve the Hub’s intellectual independence.

We do not accept grants that limit our ability to carry out research as we see fit, and do not undertake research or accept funds at the request of outside organizations unless it is consistent with our existing research agenda, mission, and overall philosophy. We are transparent about our funding sources, announcing the receipt of funds through our normal communication channels.

In cases where funding is offered for sponsored research or activities, its terms are set forth in agreements between the donor and the Hub, which include specific guarantees for academic independence.

These policies apply in addition to the relevant policies of the VUB. We will continue to develop them further as needed to ensure that we are doing our utmost to maintain the integrity of the Hub, our work, and our community.

We will list the sponsors of the Hub's activities on this page in due course.