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November 2016  Hub Co-Director gives keynote speech at Cyberspace conference in Brno, Czech Republic

On 25 November 2016 Hub Co-Director Prof. Christopher Kuner gave a keynote speech on Internet regulation and the global reach of EU Data Protection law at the Cyberspace conference in Brno, Czech Republic. During the keynote, Prof. Kuner questioned the limits of the EU law and discussed the tensions arising from EU and its Member States shared competence to regulate matters related to the online environment. Prof. Kuner suggested that the EU aims at increasing its regulatory powers at the expense of the Member States. Prof. Kuner urged the EU to go beyond its legal obligations to promote EU values and consider that Internet governance is a decentralized endeavor in which different actors may have a say. The fourteenth edition of the international the Cyberspace conference was organized by the Masaryk University and the European Academy of Law and ICT. The program of the event is available here.

November 2016  LSTS researcher to present at Belgian Privacy Commission 

On 29 November 2016, Raphaël Gellert, LSTS researcher will present parts of his research on data protection impact asssessments and the risk-based approach to data protection at an internal staff seminar of the Belgian Privacy Commission. 

November 2016  First Annual Brussels Privacy Symposium: a great success!

On 8 November 2016, in partnership with the Future of Privacy Forum, the Hub hosted the 1st Annual Brussels Privacy Symposium Identifiability: Policy and Practical Solutions for Anonymization and PseudonymizationThe one day workshop was a great success, with presentations from numerous speakers based on selected papers. The presentations and photos of the day are now available. The Hub looks forward to continuing this collaboration in 2017. 

October 2016  Programme Now Available: Training Seminar Implementing the GDPR - Practical Challenges 

On 1-2 December, the Hub will be hosting a training seminar that consider the practical challenges of the implementaiton of the GDPR, the programme is now available. The two-day programme will identify and focus on specific topics within theGDPR, and will attempt to provide participants with in-depth knowledge and guidance as to the practical challenges they will be faced with while dealing with them under the new regulatory environment. 

October 2016  New Working Paper: Structure and Enforcement of Data Privacy Law in South Korea 

Following a stay as Visiting Scholar to BPH in July, Professor Haksoo Ko has developed a Working Paper that considers the rapid evolution of Data Privacy Law in South Korea despite a relevant short history of relevant legislation and enforcement. During his stay at Brussels, Prof. Ko presented at a EU- Korea Data Protection Seminar sponsored by Samsung and and the Embassy of the Republic of Korea to the Kingdom of Belgium and the European Union. A the recording of the seminar is now available. 

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